Hello there! My name’s Britt.

Through my profession, I spend the majority of my days researching and developing new or improved ways to help people put their lives back together when life’s unexpected disasters strike.

The work I do outside of that company is also focused on helping people overcome struggles and setbacks, but on a more personal level. Many of the stories and strategies I share here are influenced by my research-driven studies in Clinical/Community Psychology at the University of Michigan, while others are derived from my post-graduate experiences involving social work, personal coaching, and a wide variety of life’s “teachable moments.”

The only thing I seemed to be sure of my entire life is that my mission was to make this world a better place, and through the years, I’ve found that community, societal, and global change begins at an individual level. Everything I create here and in other mediums is rooted in that sole purpose. If anything I ever write happens to help even one individual, then I will have achieved my mission. We must never underestimate the rippling impact from touching another person’s life.

Thank you, truly, for giving my words the opportunity to reach your heart!

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