The Phone Call That Kicked Us Into Gear

selective focus photography of black rotary phone

I mean this with complete sincerity when I say that I have missed you.

So much.

While the “baby making” delay spanned several months, it truly has flown by for my wife and me. I hope it has for you as well, in a good way.

During the Mom² interlude, we found no shortage of things to occupy ourselves, which really was a Godsend! I even managed to have my CMV trigger Mono (which took me down for a few weeks), and I broke my tailbone snowboarding (which made sitting down nearly impossible for a few months). After multiple insurance exams, life coach certification training, launching my own business, joining Lansing Mom as a writer, and getting involved with my friend’s group coaching business, we magically found ourselves in the month of March already.

Megan and I were walking our pups on lunch as we have nearly every day since we’ve been working from home. Though there wasn’t snow on the ground this day, it was chilly and all humans and dogs in our crew were bundled in their winter coats. Halfway through our walk, the name of our fertility center lit up on my phone. I glanced at Megan, took a deep breath, and answered.

“Hello Britt, this is Christina, and I’m calling to set-up everything for your upcoming surgery and everything else on your fertility checklist.”

I felt an immediate rush of relief, since surgery was the last hurdle to feeling like we were finally on track. After arranging the various calls and pre-op procedures for my hysteroscopy and polypectomy, Christina began reviewing the items on our checklist.

“It looks like you haven’t had fertility counseling yet,” she mentioned.

“Oh…is that what we do if our donor is a carrier for something? We haven’t nailed down a donor yet…” I looked nervously at Megan.

“Nope, actually this is a meeting you have with a licensed therapist to discuss some topics that are important to consider when you’re going through this process. They just need to ask you a few questions and then send a report to us before we can proceed with the next steps.”

“Ah…alright.” My eyes widened. It has been a while since I’ve talked to a therapist, and I know that the process of finding one was never a simple undertaking. “So…if everything goes well and we get all of our items checked-off…out of curiosity, when might be the earliest we would actually start the process?”

“Well, let me see,” She pauses, “Technically, later in April, we might be able to try.”

I nearly choked. Concerned, Megan looked at me, and I mouthed to her “APRIL!”

We’ve got to get our baby-making buns in gear!

“Okay, okay,” I tried to collect myself, “I think my only other question is about the COVID vaccine…What are the doctor’s recommendations with IUI?”

“Great question,” Christine answered, “We don’t want you to get the vaccine during treatment. We highly recommend receiving it prior to starting treatment, but if you cannot do so, you’ll want to get it after your first trimester.”

“Sounds good!” This was promising to hear since I had been wanting to get the vaccine but also brought with it a sense of fear since vaccinations for my group wouldn’t open up until the beginning of April…which put us in a tight timeline.

Once Christine and I bid each other farewell, I realized the pace of our walking had significantly increased.
“We have just a few weeks before my surgery and maybe a couple more before the procedure, and we still need to get cleared by that therapist, get my vaccination, pick our donor, ship our sperm, possibly do genetic testing…and probably something else I’m not thinking about,” I spouted out without taking a single second to breathe.

“Yes,” Megan said calmly, “But we’ll get it done. Just one thing at a time.”

“I’m just stressing,” I continue, “It’s like all of these months of downtime and now —everything at once! What if we don’t get it done in time?”

“We make a good team,” Megan gently smiled at me, “We’ve got this.”

“I mean, you’re right,” I soften a little. “Okay, first thing’s first, let’s get cleared by that counselor.”

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a counselor determine whether or not you’re competent enough to have a baby?

Stay tuned for a rather humorous and unexpected account of our fertility consultation!

Thank you for giving my words the opportunity to live in your heart. Stay well, friends!

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