And So it Begins

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Welcome to Mom2, a chronicle of the twists, turns, bumps, and hills that my wife and I are encountering on our journey to build our family. This facet of my life, I felt, deserved its own stand-alone home on this site for a multitude of reasons. The most prominent one being that although growing, the amount of resources for women (especially LGBTQ women) who are trying to “take motherhood into their own hands,” for lack of more eloquent phrasing, is limited.

Thankfully, infertility journeys are becoming more widely documented as a result of the diminishing shame and sense of taboo surrounding the topic; however, the population of women who are seeking similar routes to conception not because of infertility but because they don’t have all of the…ahem, ingredients on-hand to make a baby is still a severely unrepresented segment of prospective parents.

While everyone’s journey is different, and I am by no means the pioneer queer to be going down this road, this side-blog aims to document the ups and downs that my wife and I are encountering, in hopes to provide guidance, support, and tools for other women with similar callings in their hearts.

Therefore, Mom2 isn’t just about me, my wife, or even our future family. This side-blog is a step toward bringing more representation to the women of the world who refuse to choose between loving who they love and experiencing motherhood on their own terms. Despite the humor I hope to have throughout this process and emanate through my writing, I take this cause very seriously, which is why I decided this endeavor warrants its own sacred space on my site.

This is for the sisters doing it for themselves.

It might not be easy, but darling, it sure as hell will be worth it.

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